Welcome to the blog of the National Alliance for Public Universities (NAPU) a group formed in 2014 to fight government proposals to deregulate higher education in Australia. Charivari is a French word for a discordant mock serenade, a ritual in which people gather in public to clatter pots and pans together and show their displeasure. There are related words for cacophonous protest in many languages and dialects – eg Panelaço (Portuguese) Ketelmuziek (Dutch) Tin Kettling (Australia) Chivaree (United States and Canada) Cacerolazo (Spanish) – and in this blog we want to bring the spirit and noise of charivari to the modern university. So join us in playing rough music on the chancellery lawns and help us challenge the corporate university.

We are especially interested in contributions on the following themes:

  • Privatisation of education and its consequence
  • The loss of collegiality and democracy in university affairs
  • Protests and collective action that challenge neo-liberal education
  • The corporate university and its excesses
  • Managerialism and its victims
  • ‘Administrivia’ – Paperwork/ Forms/ Make-work
  • Attacks on Academic Freedom
  • Official communications and the corruption of language
  • Job Security/ Casualisation
  • University finances and their malapportionment of resources
  • Discrimination, bullying and the decline of civility in academe

We welcome contributions (preferably between 500-800 words – send to napuaustralia@gmail.com) in various genres ranging from satire to reportage, blistering polemic to careful opinion pieces. We prefer to publish author names but will post pseudonyms at a contributor’s request if there are good reasons to for anonymity. We will not publish contributions we judge defamatory or which are primarily concerned with pursuing private vendettas. Rather our aims are to promote debate broadly in accord with the NAPU Charter that can be found here. Comments on the site are moderated.

Charivari Editorial Collective


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